About Us

WholesaleMore specializes in providing quality goods to the Caribbean, North American, and Latin American retailers. We are only a young company, founded in March 2016 as a subsidiary of VCA Enterprises, we strive to provide customers with quality products at the best price.

WholesaleMore provides retailers with wholesale closeout undergarments, beauty products, cosmetics, clothing, and blow out deals when available. We are based in the USA, but ship internationally to customers who want the best products.

We are a wholesale company who supplies other wholesalers and retailers with quality products, but we are not a retail outlet.

It is our policy to help the businesses that we deal with to get the best possible prices on products. If your business needs high quality garments or cosmetics at the best price, then you should be dealing with us.

As an e-commerce business, we are able to provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, access to our online catalogue. We understand that not all businesses run on a conventional schedule, with our online store you can work to the schedule that your business demands and still have access to our great range of items.

We look forward to building an ongoing relationship with your business.